Custom schedule and service.

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Competitive Pricing.

As stated above, we do not share or consolidate loads, however you are free to share the space that you have booked in one of our trailers with friends’ horses.

Your horses will not be packed in with others, or go miles off route to pick up other horses.  Due to this personal service we are often not the lowest priced alternative.  Our rates are based on a combination of mileage and time, we believe that when you compare our quoted price and level of service to other services you will find that we  offer the best total value.

Sometimes our trailers go out or return empty from delivering horses.  Special rates are available for such times, however it must be understood that this is a “space available“ basis and cannot be guaranteed.  Please call if you have a requirement for such space and you can be flexible in your schedule.


Personal Service.

We do not run “Regular routes from point X to point Y”, we offer a custom service.

We do not share loads or use consolidation points.

Your horse does not have to be tied to our schedule, we tie our schedule to your needs.

We transport from stable door to stable door.

Your horses will therefore be on the road for the minimum amount of time and will not make unnecessary stops.

You can share one of our trailers with a friend’s horses if that is convenient for both of you.

Stable door to stable door.