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More pictures of trucks and trailers will go here…

When they are home, washed and the camera is back from loan  :-)

OK, the camera is back - we need clean trucks and sunshine.

~ A i r  ~  R i d e  ~ Suspension ~

Ah, its  SO NICE  to just walk out forwards.   No more nervous backing out.

Ramps at rear and on each side allow the trailer to be opened up wide for non intimidating loading.   Forwards off loading means there is never a need to back horses out.


Large dressing/tack room with ramp for easy loading of large, wheeled tack trunks.

Air ride suspension gives your horses the best  ride possible.


Water storage on board, we can bring the  water that your horses are used to.


Electric over hydraulic brakes for safety.

Two in the front riding backwards                   and two in the back riding forwards

New Hampshire without Horses, also strange.

Massachusetts, no Truck or Horses.  This is strange.


Equus Constructus

Another Construction Horse

Uncomfortable at walk, trot or canter.

Do NOT ride this one bareback.