Typical aluminum trailer unlined roof; note ribs, side/top rail, the top aluminum “skin” and the line of rivets (1) holding that skin to the side/top rail.


On this trailer there is a particularly convenient slot (2) just below the roof ribs, it runs the whole length of the horse compartment.  From the earliest stage of this project I planned to use that slot.

I have seen several other 4-Star trailers that use the same aluminum extrusion between the side walls and roof, I don’t know if other manufacturers use the same extrusion or not.



























Same trailer, other side. 

The roof rib closest to the camera carries the divider posts, the small square plate (3) with a round hole in it is a socket for a divider post.  Since this is an 8 ft wide head to head trailer and I often haul small horses or ponies I decided to make provision for additional dividers, making each end of the trailer convertible between 3 (small/medium) horses or 2 large/very large horses.